Interview - Yamada Sensei (.pdf)

YSSKWU Titles & Costs:

Kenshi                  Yen 20.000 - (€ 140.00)

Renshi                  Yen 30.000 - (€ 225.00)

Kyoshi                  Yen 40.000 - (€ 300.00)

Tasshi                   Yen 60.000 - (€ 450.00)

Hanshi                  Yen 80.000 - (€ 600.00)


Jun-Shidoin           Yen 15.000 - (€ 115.00)

Shidoin                 Yen 20.000 - (€ 140.00)

Jun-Shihan           Yen 40.000 - (€ 300.00)

Shihan                  Yen 60.000 - (€ 450.00)

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Grades, Designations and Qualifications of Yamada-ha Shito-ryu Shukokai Karate-do World Union in 2019

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Child Protection Policy (.pdf)
SSU UK Calendar 21014 (.doc)
Shukokai 60th Anniversary Report (.pdf)

YSSKWU UK Calendar 2020


Child Protection

Shukokai 60th Anniversary Report
(by Adam Neill)

Interview - Sensei Yamada
(by Iain Abernethy)

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When we live our life, we must learn how to live properly and how to enrich it while respecting a moral or a philosophy that its aim is the progress of our personality, knowledge, competence and strong kindness and benevolence. The main characteristiscs, are the following:

  • Knowledge and wisdom of life
  • Benevolence
  • Ability to coexist with others, to show compassion and cordiality
  • Courage to fight and to struggle with patience and power
  • Etiquette: Courtesy, respect and appreciation of Mind and Body
  • Faith & Trust: having trusted friends and being cordial
  • Loyalty: Establishing sincere relationships between teachers and students, at both an individual and a team level

Yamada-ha Shito-ryu Shukokai Karate-do Designations:

Any candidate must have a beautiful character, that is at the same time, an example in society.

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